Changalli Logo and Brand Identity


Clients that want the inside of their home, office, hotel, or building to reflect a natural, peaceful order, contact Changalli interior design studio. Changalli is a boutique studio that offers the full service of a large agency, with personal attention to a wide range of clients, while remaining true to their core mission: to create a space of refuge from a busy outside world. 

The owners of Changalli came to me looking for an identity system that reflected the peace and order of nature, while retaining the fresh energy and clean lines of a metropolitan city.


The result is an identity that is light and open, with lots of hidden meaning. Much of nature's patterns are founded on a mathematical formula called the Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Ratio. This harmonious order drove the inception of the Changalli logo. 

I created a logo symbol that began with the Golden Rectangle as the foundation, influenced by the layout and style of a floorplan. The vertical rectangle is similar to both a Chinese chop seal, part of one owner's heritage, and the skyscrapers of a Manhattan skyline and grid map. An "easter egg" within the logo is the layered shape of the letters C and G, reflecting the co-owners names. Custom typography unifies the word within the logo.