Txt Design 30th Anniversary Illustration


Design agency TxtDesign, Inc. came to me with an illustration request for their annual notepad collateral giveaway. They wanted something new and fresh, and asked for content ideas. I proposed several concepts, and the one that stood out most was to celebrate a huge milestone for them as a company: 30 years in business! 


Drawing from their brand colors of navy and gold, I created a custom, hand-drawn illustration and color palette that represents 30 years of the heart and soul they have put into their craft. They know a thing or two about old-school design techniques, and have seen the evolution of technology in the industry. 

This piece gives a peek into their personal and professional history since their inception in 1990. Each drawing within this project represents a significant part of their last 30 years. They have changed office locations, updated their company logos, had children and grandchildren, and won some awards along the way. Congratulations, Txt Design! Check them out at