Washington County Historical Society Website Redesign


Washington County Historical Society (WCHS) approached me with a request for a website overhaul. Their original site was not responsive or mobile-friendly, and they were unable to make changes or edits without requesting help from the designer/developer. They also wanted their website to reflect their new logo and appeal to families, as well as history buffs. Finally, they requested a way for users to buy products from their online store, as well as donate or become members of WCHS.


A fresh, responsive, and easily editable website for WCHS. I created a friendly and energetic color palette that would extend beyond the primary colors in their logo, to add warmth and  appeal to WCHS' target audiences; I used authentic historic Hagerstown photographs to link the past to the present. I partnered with a developer to ensure that content management is powered by WordPress for WCHS to easily edit their site, and visitors can create accounts for easy online shopping and membership activities.